Can My Child Get Professional Teeth Whitening?

When your child was younger, they likely had white teeth. But as they grew older, your child’s teeth may have taken on more of a yellowish color. Though this is generally not problematic, some kids may develop teeth that are excessively stained due to various reasons. Should this happen to your child, you may be wondering if professional teeth whitening is an option. To help with the decision, consider the following facts that your dentist in Long Beach, CA would like you to know.

Why Do Children’s Teeth Get Discolored?

As to why your child’s teeth may look discolored, there are many possible reasons. For most kids, the combination of poor dental hygiene and consuming foods and drinks that are high in sugar play a major role. Thus, if you can get your child in the habit of brushing their teeth twice daily, flossing once per day, and limiting the amount of high-sugar foods and drinks they consume, the problem may clear up on its own. Other possibilities for tooth discoloration include decalcification of enamel after the removal of braces, excessive fluoride from infant formulas and fluoridated water, and the use of vitamin supplements that contain iron.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe For My Children?

Generally, most dentists prefer that patients be at least 18 years old prior to getting their teeth professionally whitened. However, children under age 18 can have their teeth professionally whitened, provided they meet certain criteria. This includes having all permanent teeth already erupted, the enamel on permanent teeth being completely calcified, and is finished with all orthodontic treatments.

Are There Any Risks Associated with Teeth Whitening in Children?

Fortunately, there are few serious risks associated with performing professional teeth whitening in Long Beach, CA on children. The most serious often involves the possibility of a child’s teeth becoming too sensitive following teeth whitening procedures, but this usually happens more in situations where children have used over-the-counter teeth whitening strips. In most instances, having your child’s teeth whitened professionally by a dentist will produce few if any problems in the short and long-term.

As dental technology continues to evolve and dentists learn more about using teeth whitening procedures on children, you will have many questions that need answers. Therefore, it’s best to speak with an experienced dentist in Long Beach, CA about what is involved in performing professional teeth whitening on children.

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