5 Prevailing Myths About Cavities

A cavity—a point of deterioration on a tooth that can be anything from surface level to all-out tooth-threatening. Most people have had at least one cavity in their lives and needed a tooth filling in Long Beach, CA, but this oral health concern is one that is associated with a lot of myths.

Myth: Sugar is the only reason people get cavities.

Sugar can heighten risks of cavity development, but cavities are actually caused by the collection of erosive acids and bacteria. Therefore, simply cutting sugar from your diet may not mean you never get a cavity.

Myth: Anyone would know if they had a cavity.

Cavities are not always obvious. They can be hiding out between the teeth, on the back of a tooth, or even in an area that you rarely brush. This is one reason why thorough dental checkups are so important; cavities are easier to spot with a thorough exam and x-ray.

Myth: Grinding your teeth can cause cavities.

Grinding your teeth can cause the enamel on your teeth to wear away. However, bruxism is not necessarily going to cause a cavity. Nevertheless, once enamel is worn, the tooth can be more vulnerable to cavities.

Myth: Every cavity filling eventually has to be replaced.

Once a tooth is filled, that filling could potentially last for the rest of your life. While some fillings do have to be replaced due to wear or further breakdown of the tooth, not every filling has to be replaced.

Myth: You are more likely to get cavities in your front teeth.

You are actually more likely to get cavities in the teeth in the back of your jaw. These teeth are harder to reach with regular brushing and easy to overlook when flossing. Plus, the larger molars have pits and fissures where bacteria are more likely to collect.

Need Help with a Tooth Filling in Long Beach, CA?

A cavity may be a small issue with your oral health, but delayed treatment from a qualified Long Beach dentist can lead to major problems. If you have a tooth that needs a filling, reach out to us at the office of Dr. Andy Tang DDS to schedule an appointment.

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