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What Is Gum Disease Therapy?

Even though you may not give as much attention to your gums, they are a hugely important part of your overall oral health. Most dentists will come up with a plan for gum disease therapy after you have been diagnosed. Here is a look at some of the things you can expect if you are going to undergo gum disease therapy with your dentist.

Deep-cleaning procedures are involved.

Deep cleaning, which can also be called debriding or below-gumline cleaning, is one of the most common components of gum disease therapy. This procedure involved carefully cleaning around all of the teeth and the gum tissue that surrounds them, and it usually involves cleaning below the actual gum line. The goal of this kind of cleaning is to remove any inset bacteria that could be causing issues with the gums.

You may be prescribed oral hygiene products.

Individuals with gum disease may not be best suited to store-bought dental hygiene products. Therefore, you may be prescribed things like toothpaste or mouthwash that is actually formulated with medicinal ingredients meant to treat the condition. For example, medicated mouthwash designed to reduce inflammation and kill bacteria may be able to curb the symptoms of something like gingivitis. Even though these prescriptions will not likely eradicate the problem, they are a valuable tool in therapy for your gums.

More frequent dental visits may be required.

If you have gum disease, you can expect that part of the therapy process will mean you will be visiting the dentist on a more regular basis. These frequent check-ins may be done to keep your teeth and gums clean and to closely monitor any progress with the soft tissues in your mouth. Even though these additional visits can be a little inconvenient, they are an important part of getting your gum disease problems under control so your teeth are not affected.

Contact Us About Gum Disease Therapy in Long Beach

Gum disease can be a scary thing to face because it can affect the health of your smile. However, working with a good dentist is the key to achieving proper gum health. Contact us at the office of Dr. Andy Tang DDS for more information about gum disease therapy or to set an appointment.


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