What Can Be Done for an Open Bite?

An open bite is a type of malocclusion. It happens when your upper teeth no longer make contact with your lower teeth. Often, this affects the front incisors and makes it difficult to bite and chew your favorite foods. An open bite may also make it more difficult to annunciate clearly, leading to a speech impediment. And since your teeth no longer meet for biting and chewing, you may be more at risk for choking when eating foods such as spaghetti or bacon. Your dentist in Long Beach, CA, can tell you more about open bite.

What Causes an Open Bite?

Many factors may contribute to an open bite, including:

  • Tongue-thrusting
  • Thumb-sucking
  • Sucking on the lower lip
  • Genetics
  • Trauma

Anyone can develop an open bite at any age. However, this is often a problem that’s associated with young children. Happily, this form of malocclusion is treatable. If you’re struggling with complications from an open bite, it’s time to sit down with your dental professional to discuss one or more treatment options.

How Do Dentists Correct an Open Bite?

First, your dental professional, usually an orthodontist, will examine your mouth, performing diagnostic tests such as x-rays to see what’s taking place beneath your gums. Once they’ve made a formal diagnosis, they may recommend one of several treatment plans that include:

  • Braces
  • Clear aligners
  • Oral surgery

Your treatment plan will be individualized to fit your specific needs. As such, it may require repeated visits to your dentist. This ensures everything is going well with your treatment and that you’re experiencing the progress needed to correct your malocclusion.

Treatment for Open Bite in Long Beach, CA

If you’re struggling with the symptoms of an open bite, and you live in or near the Long Beach area, call Andy Tang, DDS. Dr. Andy Tang specializes in smile repair and restoration of functions. As a result, you’ll walk away with a smile that dazzles and teeth that work just as they should. And you’ll love the friendly and knowledgeable staff who greet you at the door with kind words and welcoming smiles. Schedule your consultation with Dr Andy Tang for treatment of an open bite in Long Beach, CA, today.

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