Understanding the Need for Restorative Dental Bridges

If you have a gap from one or more missing teeth, you may benefit from having a dental bridge placed by your trusted dentist.  A restorative dental bridge anchors at least one false teeth between two existing teeth. The existing teeth may be natural or implants, as long as they are securely attached to the jawbone. With a thorough examination, your dentist can verify that you are a good candidate for dental bridges to help you find the best tooth replacement solution for your needs.

When Dental Bridges are Needed

When you lose one or more teeth, or need to have them extracted, you must find an appropriate tooth replacement solution or you may have trouble talking, eating and smiling confidently. Dental bridges allow you to replace missing teeth without the need for implants. Instead, the bridge simply attaches to adjacent teeth to firmly anchor the artificial teeth in place.

What to Expect When Having Restorative Dental Bridges Placed

Your dentist will perform a full exam to determine which dental bridges to use for your missing teeth. The traditional bridge design anchors to two teeth, while the cantilever bridge only needs to anchor to one. Dentists may also opt to use Maryland bonded bridges if the situation warrants that option.

Once your dentist determines which bridge type to use, you will need to have your supporting teeth prepared for the crowns. Your dentist will grind away a small amount of the outer tooth surface to prep it for the crown installation process. You will have impressions performed next to allow the lab to create accurate replicas of your teeth. While you wait for the completion of the lab work, you will use a temporary bridge to protect your teeth and gums. Your dentist will install the bridge once it arrives back from the lab and perform any necessary adjustments at that time.

Schedule Your Dental Checkup to See How Your Dentist Can Help

If you would like to discuss your tooth replacement options with a dentist, you can schedule a consultation appointment today. Give our team a call at (562) 498-2354 to find the best time and date for you to come in and speak with your dentist. We look forward to helping you find the oral health solutions you need for a happy, healthy smile.


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