Is It Time to Get Your Denture Partial Replaced?

A well-made partial denture can last for many years with the proper care. However, eventually, these restorative dentistry appliances may have to be replaced. Patients sometimes struggle with when they should get their partial dentures replaced. Here are a few good indications it may be time to reach out to our office for a consultation about a partial denture replacement.

You have lost other teeth since your partial was made.

When your partial is made, it is created in a way that it can restore biting power uniformly with the help of your remaining teeth. If you lose more teeth, it changes the overall functionality of the oral appliance. Plus, losing more teeth can mean you no longer have the appearance of a full smile.

Your partial no longer stays seated in your mouth properly.

Partial dentures are designed to stay firmly in place when they are initially designed. However, as time passes and your existing teeth shift or the shape of your mouth changes, your partial may start to shift and move as well. You may notice your partial denture rocks up and down when you chew or slips out of place when you are speaking. In any case, a shifting partial is a good indication you need a new one.

Your partial has sustained some type of damage.

Whether your denture partial has a metal frame or a composite base, it can sustain damage with enough force. You may accidentally break off one of the synthetic teeth or have some of the metal support structures snap. A broken partial can make you more prone to causing accidental injury to the soft tissues in your mouth, so the partial should be replaced if it has sustained damage. In some cases, minimal damages can simply be repaired.

Talk to Us About Denture Partials in Long Beach, CA

Your partial denture restores your smile, your power to chew, and your self-confidence. If you have a partial denture you believe needs to be replaced or you need a partial denture for the first time, reach out to us at the office of Dr. Andy Tang in Long Beach, CA to schedule an appointment.


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