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How Common Are Infections After Root Canals?

It’s not easy to face major dental procedures like a root canal. You’re likely nervous about what will happen and what could go wrong. You also may have been told that the odds of a poor outcome are low. You may also have wondered what exactly that meant for you. We’ll look specifically at the risk of infection and how the right dentist may be able to curb your fears.

What to Expect After the Procedure

There aren’t a lot of hard facts when it comes to the outcome of your procedures. This is partially due to how data is tracked. When a person has a poor reaction to the procedure, the dentist doesn’t automatically report this to a central database that compiles it against other people’s reactions. That being said, the studies that have been done and the general experience of most patients confirm that the odds are very low of developing an infection.

Is Pain Normal?

If you have a root canal in Long Beach, you can expect some pain after the procedure. You’ll likely have discomfort and tenderness as well for at least a week (and you’ll likely feel it more when eating). If the pain is severe (or even moderate), you’ll likely want to follow up with your dentist.

There are other signs that you might be at risk for an infection too:

  • Discharge or discoloration: Any kind of discharge or discoloration in the area can be a sign that the root canal went poorly.
  • Red or swollen tissues: Swelling can reach the gums, under the tooth, and even your face and neck.
  • Bad taste/breath: A bad smell or taste can indicate infected tissue.

Unfortunately, root canal infections can be tricky. If the canal never fully heals, it’s possible for the tooth to become painful years after treatment. This is even less common than an infection directly afterward, though it’s something to keep in mind.

Endodontists in Long Beach

There are a number of dentists in Long Beach, CA who can will perform a root canal. If you’re looking for a professional who can minimize your odds of a bad reaction, though, Andy Tang DDS has the experience and the education to make the procedure as seamless as possible.

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