Can I Get Just One False Tooth?

When people talk about getting false teeth or dental implants or dentures, it’s always in the plural. Most people have multiple teeth that need to be replaced if permanent teeth are in a state of decay. But often, only one permanent tooth is bad. Maybe it was knocked out by accident, or something happened where the tooth became loose and eventually came out. In any case, it begs the question, is it possible to get just one false tooth?

Solutions For Just One Missing Tooth

The answer is a resounding, yes. If you have just one missing tooth, there are actually a few different options for you to consider. Your dentist can guide you in making the best choice for your circumstances, but you’ll definitely be able to get that missing tooth taken care of with the help of your Long Beach, CA dentist.

Single Dental Implant

The best option is to get a single dental implant. Dental implants are permanent, easy to care for, and very low profile. In other words, your single dental implant in Long Beach, CA will hardly be noticeable by others. Over time, you may even forget it’s there, because it will blend in so well with the rest of your teeth.

Partial Denture

If dental implants aren’t your style, you may consider a partial denture. A partial denture for just one missing tooth will be very small and likely won’t pose much of a nuisance as far as eating, drinking, talking, etc. In fact, depending upon your needs, your dentist may offer a partial denture temporarily while you’re waiting for your dental implant to be ready. But you could just keep using the partial denture for as long as you care to.


Finally, you might consider a bridge. A bridge is a dental solution that secures a fake tooth between two natural teeth. The bridge part is hidden behind the false tooth and the abutting teeth. A bridge can look very natural, too, as the dentist will see to it that the false tooth is the same hue as other teeth and of a similar shape.

Now that you know you can get just one false tooth, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to solve the problem of your one missing tooth!

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