Are Lasers Better to Treat Cavities than Traditional Methods?

With technology entering every profession and industry, dentists have been inundated with new tools to treat age-old disorders. If you’ve heard of using lasers to treat cavities, you might be wondering how the treatment works and whether it’s better than traditional methods. We’ll look at the pros and cons, so you can make a more informed decision.

What Is Laser Cavity Treatment?

Laser cavity treatment uses light to remove the tooth tissue that’s decaying within a tooth. Once this has been completed, the dentist can then fill the tooth with standard material. This is different from using a drill to shave off the decay, otherwise known as the standard treatment for cavities. A dentist in Long Beach, CA can tell you more about how the technology behind the treatment works.

Are Lasers Better?

If you’re asking if lasers are better for cavity treatment, you should know that it ultimately depends on the type of cavity you have. If you have an extremely severe cavity, the laser may not be as effective as a drill. However, for standard cavities, lasers tend to be more accurate at removing decay than drills. The focused light is precise, which can leave you with more healthy tooth material. Plus, the treatment tends to reduce the pain and, thus, the anxiety of having dental treatment.

Making people more comfortable around the dentist doesn’t just help them in the short-term, it can be the key to unlocking better oral health for a lifetime. Maybe you have children who would rather clean the house than visit the dentist or you’re the one who’s hesitant to schedule an appointment. When you know that there are new, relatively painless procedures, you might be more likely to take action about a tooth that’s been bothering you.

Laser Cavity Treatment in Long Beach

If you’re interested in laser dentistry in Long Beach, CA, it’s important to find a dentist who has done their homework on what’s available. At the office of Andy Tang DDS, you’ll meet a dentist who has invested in products that offer real value to his patients. The staff is all about keeping you as comfortable as possible, regardless of what treatments you need.

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