5 Things That happen During a Typical Dental Checkup That You May Not Know About

Most dentists do recommend that you visit a dentist about once every six months to get your teeth cleaned and to get a professional checkup. The comprehensive dental exam may seem like a relatively brief encounter at the dentist’s office, but there are several things that will be taking place during this visit.

1. The dentist will be determining any teeth that could be at risk.

Teeth usually do not develop issues all at one time; one tooth or a series of teeth in a similar location may have problems. During the exam, the dentist will be looking at each tooth closely to determine if there are issues with decay, blood flow issues, or anything else.

2. The dentist will be examining the plaque levels on your teeth.

Plaque levels can vary from one person to another. Sometimes, high levels of plaque can indicate either poor oral hygiene habits or some other issue like a poor diet or dehydration. The dentist will be examining plaque levels on your teeth to help determine what changes may need to be made.

3. The dentist will use a periodontal probe to look for problem spots.

A periodontal probe is a small handheld instrument that allows the dentist to get a closer look at the health of the gums. During the examination, the dentist will be using this instrument to determine if you have signs of gum disease.

4. The dentist will be assessing your mouth for signs of oral cancer.

Oral cancer is far more prevalent than most people know. The dentist is always on the lookout for signs of oral cancer, such as white patches on your gums or tongue, unusual bumps, and odd abrasions that aren’t healing properly.

5. The dentist will discuss all of their findings with you.

Once the dentist has done their thorough assessment of your teeth and your mouth, they will discuss with you anything they find. If there are issues that require further investigation or testing, the dentist will also let you know what needs to be done.

Reach Out to a Dentist in Long Beach, CA for a Checkup

The dental checkup you get is designed to help prevent problems from going unattended and to screen for certain oral health conditions. If you need a dental checkup, reach out to us at the office of Dr. Andy Tang in Long Beach. CA.

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