3 Reasons to Get a Crown (Besides After a Root Canal)

If there are exceptions to every rule, it helps to know what those exceptions are. While you might think about a crown in terms of a root canal, the truth is that you can get a crown without a root canal. (Incidentally, in even rarer circumstances, it is possible to get a root canal without a crown.) We’ll look at why a dentist in Long Beach, CA would recommend a crown.

1. To Strengthen a Tooth

Weak or cracked teeth may not need to be pulled, but that doesn’t mean that they can withstand the pressure. If you want them to hold up against all the daily wear and tear that you subject them to on a regular basis, a crown can hold everything together. Teeth that have been worn down would also benefit from a crown, as the prosthetic material can restore the natural portion that you’ve lost.

2. To Hold a Bridge in Place

A bridge will replace a tooth, but not in the same way that an implant will. Instead of being held by a post in the jaw, a bridge is held together by the surrounding teeth in the mouth. If the surrounding teeth are damaged or otherwise weak, you can use a crown to stabilize the structure, so you don’t have to worry about biting into an apple or chomping on a steak.

3. To Cover a Misshapen Tooth

If you have a tooth that’s either misshapen or exceptionally discolored, you can use a crown to cover up the flaws. It’s not only useful if you want to straighten out your smile, it may even make brushing or flossing a little less of a hassle. In this way, a crown can be used for the same purpose as a veneer, though you should discuss the best route for you. Because the costs and process differ for both, it’s important to know when to choose a crown over a veneer and vice versa.

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