Neuromuscular Dentist Long Beach


Neuromuscular dentist Dr. Andy Tang studied the interaction of the jaws, teeth, muscles, and nerves in the mouth at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. A misaligned bite can cause headaches, loose teeth, clicking or popping of jaw joints, face,

muscle, shoulder and neck pain, chewing difficulties, and clenching or grinding of teeth. Some patients suffer from intense migraines because of disharmony with the temporomandibular joints (TMJ).

Fortunately, sophisticated instruments can accurately diagnose neuromuscular problems. Dr. Tanghas made a significant investment in the K7 Evaluation System from Myotronics. Using this system,Dr. Tang can take objective physiological and anatomical measurements, which aid him in diagnosingneuromuscular disharmony. The K7 finds optimal jaw position, so Dr. Tang can prescribe non-surgical therapy to correct neuromuscular disharmony. With Dr. Tang's expertise in neuromuscular dentistry, you can have a smile that functions comfortably and lasts for years. You can find relief from nagging TMJ symptoms, including migraines.

Our non-surgical TMJ therapies include:

  • Custom mouthguards to realign the jaw
  • Teeth reshaping to promote a comfortable bite
  • Stress reduction exercises
  • Focused facial relaxation

If you have any questions about neuromuscular dentistry or TMJ therapy, call Dr. Tang's Long Beach dental office. We provide residents of Long Beach, Lakewood, and Carson with aesthetic, functional dentistry for smiles that last.