Laser Dentistry

Lasers are highly concentrated beams of light energy that have many benefits and modern applications. For years, lasers have been the standard for accurate, comfortable care in the medical field. Dr. Tang has integrated laser dentistry into his practice in order to provide you with advanced treatment options.

At our Long Beach dental office, we use the Odyssey® 2.4G Diode Laser, dentistry's most user-friendly laser to date. Odyssey® 2.4G technology uses a unique combination of laser energy and water to perform a variety of dental procedures with pinpoint accuracy. It causes little or no bleeding and significantly reduces recovery time. With the Odyssey® 2.4G soft tissue laser, Dr. Tang can create an even gum line or remove excess gum tissue. It can also perform periodontal therapy, treat ulcers or cold sores in the mouth, and take biopsies.

With laser dentistry, Dr. Tang can perform procedures without the pain-causing heat, friction, and vibrations experienced with traditional dental instruments. In addition, dental lasers lessen treatment time significantly; oftentimes, Dr. Tang can use his dental laser to perform general, cosmetic, or restorative procedures in a single visit.

To experience the benefits of laser dentistry firsthand, call Dr. Tang's Long Beach dental office and schedule your appointment. We provide residents of Long Beach, Lakewood, and Carson with aesthetic, functional dentistry for smiles that last.