Dental Implants

Missing teeth detract from a beautiful smile. They make eating and speaking difficult and destroy quality of life. You deserve a natural-looking, comfortable smile that makes you look great and feel confident. Cosmetic dentist Dr. Tang can partner with a trusted oral surgeon to give you beautiful, solid dental implants, built to last a lifetime.

Dental implants are small titanium posts inserted into the sockets left by missing teeth. Bone tissue naturally grows around the biocompatible titanium to form an imitation tooth root that's strong and solid. On this post, Dr. Tang will secure a permanent dental implant restoration – an aesthetic crown, or he'll anchor a bridge, partial, or denture to a few strategically placed implants. The result – a full, fabulous smile that works well and feels great.

Because dental implants replace the tooth root as well as the crown (portion above the gum line), they're widely accepted as the best tooth replacement option. Benefits of dental implants include:

  • Strong. Unlike other prosthetic devices, implants do not rely on surrounding structures or adhesives for support. The jawbone provides a solid foundation, which is what nature intended.
  • Comfortable. Implants function like natural teeth so you can eat, speak, and smile with confidence. No slipping, clicking, or sensitivity.
  • Affordable. Although the initial cost of dental implants is generally higher than a traditional bridge, partial, or denture, dental implants last most patients for the rest of their lives. Other prosthetics have to be replaced about every eight years and, because they rely on surrounding teeth and soft tissues for support, they can cause additional problems that will require even more dental work in the future.

If you're missing teeth, restore them the way nature intended with strong,permanent dental implants. Call Dr. Tang's Long Beach dental office to schedule your initial consultation. We provide residents of Long Beach, Lakewood, and Carson with aesthetic, functional dentistry for smiles that last.